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Dabolim Land can be re-acquired at market rate: CM

Amidst the controversy, allegations and counter-allegations surrounding the Dabolim Airport land, Goa’s Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar spoke briefly with via a telephonic conversation stating that government is not blind to needs of the people of Goa and it understands the necessity of parking at the Dabolim Airport therefore it has provided the Airports Authority of India (AAI) with alternate land for parking.

“If AAI has any reservation on the alternate land provided by the government, they need to bring it to the notice of the government. We have already provided them with the alternate land for parking,” expressed Parrikar.

If however, AAI feels that the already de-notitified land needs to be acquired then we can consider that proposal as well, but it would need to be done at the current market rate and a fair price for the land which could be at Rs 7000 plus per square meter. But we would not take any steps just because some forces are keen to turn the issue into a political issue, he further added. We will be meeting with AAI in a few days to discuss all their concerns and put forth our opinions.

“We will be introducing a new Land Acquisition Policy with a keen focus to benefit the people of the state so that they get a good rate for their land which will be acquired. And if the AAI for us to acquire that land, then it would need to accept it at the current fair rate,” Parrikar further reiterated.

When questioned on the allegations of a scam being made by certain political quarters, the CM, stated that he doesn’t feel that it is necessary to comment on any allegations made by people who do not understand the entire issue at hand and want to stir up political unrest.

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