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Damu Inspects Sonsodo Site, Demands Relief Before Chaturthi

Fatorda MLA Damodar alias Damu Naik Tuesday morning inspected the Sonsddo garbage dump site as water mixed with lecheate from the site had flowed down to the Multipurpose complex carrying along with it not only dirt and slime but also a pungent odour.
Margao Municipal Council Chief Officer Yeshwant Tawade also accompanied Damu Naik and the two along with some councilors discussed the matter with Shridhar Kamat, Chief Officer of Fomento Green, the company awarded the contract of managing the site.

Mr. Kamat pleaded helplessness in controlling the situation due to adverse weather condition and pointed out that for the last many days it has been raining incessantly. “There is not a single day without a heavy showers and I am really helpless in such a situation,” he said while praying for a respite of only three days of dry weather.
He said that due to the continuous rains, the soil has gone soft and the garbage cannot be taken to the sites earmarked for it. “We have got rollers, but they get stuck and we have to use other machinery to extricate them,” he said.
Sonsoddo has been a problem that has grown over the years as earlier it was used only as a garbage dumping site without any attempts to treat the garbage. It is only in recent times that the MMC has considered tackling the garbage issue in a scientific manner.
While the accumulated garbage has been capped with tarpaulin and plastic to prevent the lecheate formation, the garbage coming in every day is the cause of the present problem. On an average, every day 40 to 50 tonnes of garbage is brought to Sonsoddo.
Fomento Green is presently only segregating and treating the garbage that is coming every day while their entire operations of treating the fresh as well as accumulated garbage is expected to commence from March 2011 when their garbage treatment plant is expected to be ready. Incidentally, the garbage treatment plant itself will occupy 4,000 square metres of the total 15,000 square metres area available at Sonsoddo.
Speaking to media persons, Damu Naik demanded that immediate action be taken to provide relief to the people who have to wade through the lecheate flowing on the roads and also from the stink that it carries with it.
He regretted that other than inspections and assurances, nothing concrete appears to be done to handle the issue.
MMC Chief Officer Yeshwant Tawade said that he had asked the company to use bleaching powder and sand to prepare temporary filters so that contaminated water does not flow on the roads.
While Shridhar Kamat has agreed to do as directed by the Chief Officer, he is looking for a more permanent and long time solution to this problem, for which, he said a dry spell was important.

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