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Daring Dozen From Mormugao

Even as Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza expressed confidence that his panel would rule the Mormugao Municipal Council, 12 of the newly elected councilors in the 20-member council came together to keep him out.

Taking the initiative, former chairperson Manish Arolkar, the 12 councillors have vowed to remain united in order to thwart Jose Philip’s move to install his wife Neny as the chairperson of the Mormugao Municipal Council.

Even as the dozen were coming together, they were plagued with phone calls from various political leaders including ministers. The fact that the councillors were cautioned that if they did not support Jose Phillip, works under the PWD and Urban Development Ministry would suffer indicates that the Alemao brothers, who have a very cosy relationship with Jose Philip had pitched in.

It is learnt that even Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho was approached by the Alemao brothers to support Jose Philip.

However, the daring dozen are unfazed and determined to keep Jose Philip out. “We have seen the kind of development Mormugao witnessed in the last few years when he was the minister,” quipped one of the councillors.

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