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Daughter Pushed Into Drug Trade In Goa, Alleges Mother

The mother of a missing teenager from Mumbai alleged that Mudasir Ali alias Rizwan Ali alias Pappu lured her daughter with a job offer and pushed into drug trade and prostitution. The girl had passed her SSC examination recently and decided not to study further but work.
The mother, who is a resident of Chembur, also alleged that her daughter’s lewd MMS’ have been shot to blackmail her to continue in the trade. She also informed that her daughter was offered a job at Ghatkopar, but instead was brought to Goa and forced into drug trade and prostitution.

The mother has filed a complaint before Director General of Police Aditya Arya naming Mudasir Ali alias Rizwan Ali alias Pappu as the prime suspect. The complaint which was also given to the Inspector General of Police Sundari Nanda, the mother has stated that her daughter has been trapped in Goa since last 8 months and she needs to be rescued immediately. The mother has also submitted photographs of her daughter which were shot at Old Goa.
The mother also informed that her daughter had once returned back to their Chembur resident but had to go back as Rizwan continued blackmailing her. “She was carrying packs of cigarettes with heroin stashed in it. She told me that she hates this life and wants to be a good girl,” the mother said and further informed that the accused is a father of three children and was recently lodged in Arthur Jail in connection with a murder case.
The mother also claimed that she had lodged a complaint to Mumbai police several times, but they refused to entertain the complaint.

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