Day 2: The Bull, The Matador & The Donkey!

Though one expected the second day to be a fight akin to that between the cunning fox and hunter; it turned out to be a display similar to a bull-fight, where a raging bull charges towards the matador, while the matador teases him with a red cloth.

Someone commented on my column saying that “Congress MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco might not be articulate but he makes all the right noises.” And I thoroughly agree with the person’s comment. Reginald does just that, makes noise and not voice.

Even an illiterate can argue about ifs and buts, have dones and have not dones; a discussion on issues with facts is what is expected out of an elected representative.

Sadly, Reginald is akin to a bull who is being willfully dodged and teased by the able Matador Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. He merely brushes all his tirades as ‘irrelevant’ even though they might not be. I suppose the difference in approach comes from the humility that good higher education brings and the Curtorim MLA is only an SSC passed, so in order to hide his lack of  knowledge, he brings out his bullish argumentative nature.

I suppose both the wily fox Vijai Sardesai and the bull Reginald will continue to stroke the Ram Sena Pramod Muthalik fires. Parrikar too made his stand clear on Muthalik and also dragged Father Cedric Prakash into the list of those who disturb the peace and harmony of the state of Goa. To me any religious from whichever religion must refrain from indulging in issue of politics and governance. Religion and its layers of fanaticism must be barred from government interference.

Day Two of the Assembly threw up yet another sorry tale of corruption of yet another Congress MLAs. In this case the Cumburjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar akin to a silly donkey, through sheer ignorance or arrogance fell into the same hole that he planned to dig for Parrikar & BJP by raising the issue of the building of new police station in Old Goa.

Parrikar got to his feet pointing out that in 2004, when Madkaikar was a minister in his cabinet, Madkaikar had put up a recommendation to him to acquire land belonging to one Sinai Dhume at Old Goa for a police station. Parrikar sanctioned his minister’s request “in good faith”, but much later discovered that the same land had been purchased by Madkaikar’s real estate company.

Madkaikar who was elected on an MGP ticket in 2002, was made transport minister by Parrikar for supporting his coalition government. In 2003, Madkaikar joined the BJP, but went the Congress way in 2005, in a major split in the BJP which brought down the Parrikar government in March of that year.

The Cumbharjua MLA did try his best to defend his purchase saying that during the land acquisition process some government departments had given negative reports. He questioned why the government had dropped the land acquisition process and told Parrikar that he could even acquire it now. “I will donate it,” he said.

Now Parrikar will be referring the case to the Anti-Corruption Bureau. I wonder if Parrikar was in the know of the matter, why did he not refer the case to ACB in the first place.

Tomorrow is another day…

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