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Dayanand Flays Adjournments

Congress MLA Dayanand Narvekar representing the Aldona constituency lashed out against the stalling of Goa Legislative Assembly proceedings claiming that they have helped the Opposition and ministers while denied MLAs their right to raise issues.
Raising a point of order on Thursday when the House assembled after it was adjourned in the morning, he said by stalling the proceedings, the Opposition had succeeded in making their point. However, he also opined that the ministers had benefited as they were spared the grilling they would have faced from members.

He pointed out that he had been denied his right to raise issues in the house and further added that this may be the last session of the present legislative assembly and therefore grave injustice had been done to him.
Narvekar who has taken the government to task despite being a member of the ruling dispensation regretted that this would be the first time in the history of Goa Legislative Assembly that the Appropriation Bill would be passed without a discussion on it.
Taking a dig at Chief Minister Digambar Kamat  he said it was the chief minister’s prerogative on either retaining or dismissing a minister and added that this matter could be decided in minutes.

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