DBS Business Centers Plan to Enter Tier II Cities with Ahmedabad and Pune


Pioneers in the ‘instant office space’, DBS, with a strong presence at 9 locations across prominent cities in India, celebrates 1 year of successful operation of Andheri Center, while Navi Mumbai Center completed 2 productive years.


Early 80’s witnessed the unfolding of an innovative way of business operations. The large, traditional British styled offices were widespread. Although costs may have been a constraint, there was sufficient commercial office space available. In the 80s, corporate India was in a nascent stage, stabilizing and growing at a slow pace. As the economy opened up, India saw an influx of multi-nationals from across the world looking to tap in to the large opportunity in our country. During this time, DBS Business Centers introduced the concept of ‘instant offices‘. The idea behind the concept was to provide flexible office solutions to allow companies to run their business without having to deal with any of the hassles of setting up their own offices or entering long-term leases.


Today, DBS Business Centers are preferred by MNCs, SMEs, and new age entrepreneurs. What differentiate DBS over competitors are the unparalleled style, authenticity, office space solutions, and exceptional customer service. With a strong network of 9 business centers located in metro and urban cities in India, the DBS network has resulted in inspiring success stories for startups, established businesses, and passionate business owners.


Ms. Vanita Bhandari – Director, DBS Business Centers

The group has now decided to focus additionally on Tier II cities in India, thus, elated on the occasion, Ms. Vanita BhandariDirector, DBS Business Centers says, “We would like to share the Prime Minister’s vision of focusing on mini metros of India and considering the workforce in India is between the age group of 25 – 40 years, DBS will provide these young entrepreneurs with a ‘One stop shop‘ to start their venture immediately.


The shared office industry has seen rapid growth in supply in the last 5 years to meet up with demand from startups and other corporates for flexible workspace. Companies no longer want to commit to long term leases, incur heavy capital expenditure, and deal with the rigidities involved in leasing your own office space. For some, working in a collaborative shared informal environment with other companies or individuals is beneficial, and therefore the new age co-working spaces are seeing tremendous demand from startups and millennial.


Others still want to feel like they are in their own corporate office, yet benefit from all the flexibilities and amenities provided by a shared office provider. DBS Business centers targets these people and companies. They provide a formal work environment that feels like your own office with the benefit of flexibility in terms of tenure, no capex or setup costs, and white glove service directly to your office. All this at an effectively cheaper price than what an organization would have to pay for their own office with the same amenities.


With 4 decades of experience in the office space industry, DBS leads in offering corporate style office set-up to national and international brands. They boast the highest retention rate amongst shared office space providers nationwide. An average client at DBS occupies their space for two and a half years. Apart from prime locations and great service, DBS operates out of self-owned properties that equip them to manage a variable realty market without hampering client operations.


Since inception, DBS has believed in constant innovation. Office space amenities include complete office, shared office, and virtual office, backed by hi-tech support systems essential for smooth business operation.


The demand for shared office space has multiplied in the recent past. Today, there are many players in the industry that offer shared office space. There has also been a large inflow of institutional capital that will result in tremendous growth in supply. This also suggests a large increase in demand for shared office space in the coming years. 5 major factors distinguish DBS Business Centers from competitors in the market –


-Fully formal work environment

-Promotes the feeling of owning a corporate office at affordable rates

-Highest customer retention and satisfaction within this industry

-White glove service to directly to your office

-Company owned properties are safe from realty market volatility

The flexibility, quality facilities, affordable pricing, the highest level of customer service offered by DBS makes it popular among its clientele. DBS offers convenient, customizable, hassle-free office space services allowing its customers to concentrate on productivity, these factors make it different from its competitors.


The company has over 40 years of experience in providing flexible office solutions to their clients. Seeing the uptrend in the industry and economy, they plan on increasing their footprint across quality grade-A commercial real estate across the country. The company aims to tap the central and peripheral business districts in each Tier 1 city of India by 2020.


About DBS

DBS (formerly Diners Business Services) established in 1980 by the visionary Late Mr. Shamsundar Aggarwal. The concept of ‘instant offices’ was introduced to India by Mr. Aggarwal. Providing the best locations, facilities, technology, and best services, DBS is committed to create efficient and profitable business experiences for the users. The company is led by eminent leaders – Ms. Perveez Aggarwal, Managing Director, and Directors – Ms. Vanita Bhandari and Mr. Aditya Bhandari. Headquartered in Mumbai, the group has a network of offices in all metro cities in India.

Source: NV1


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