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Dead Men Do Tell Tales!

Suspended Police Sub-Inspector Vaibhav Naik reportedly used the SIM card of a dead person to contact his partner in crime Aditya Yadav alias Chintamani in what is now known as the counterfeit currency racket.

One Sunil Lamani, native of Bagalkot, Karnataka had died in an accident at Shantinagar on 22nd July and after registering the case, a lady constables handed over the belongings of the deceased to Naik.

As the family members of the deceased Sunil were pre-occupied with conducting the final rites, they took possession of the body and rushed to Bagalkot for the final rites, without collecting the dead persons belongings including the mobile phone, driving license and ATM cards.

That the dead persons phone was being used to contact Chintamani came to light when his brother-in-law Babu Chavan was contacted by the Calangute police who are investigating the counterfeit currency notes case.

According to Chavan, as his brother in law Sunil did not have a photo identity to procure the mobile connection, he had given his identity card and accordingly Sunil got his mobile connection.

Calangute Police reportedly questioned Chavan as the phone issued in his name was used to contact Chintamani and that is when Vaibhav Naik’s modus operandi came to light as he was also in the habit of using his colleagues phones to contact Chintamani.

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