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Death call of Swami Narsinghanand: Sar Tan Se Juda slogans raised

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati Ji, the mahant of the Dasna Devi Temple has been lambasted by many for his speech against Prophet Muhammad in the Press Club of India a few weeks ago. He has been labelled as a “Saffron Terrorist” for speaking against the Prophet.


Last week, Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) MLA, Amanatulla Khan called for the beheading of Yati Narsinghanand Ji, the Mahant of the Dasna Devi Temple which was under the clutches of controversy when a young local Muslim boy was slapped for desecrating the shrine. The mayhem caused by this incident was especially because of the banner placed at the entry gate of the mandir which bans the entry to Muslims and his statement over Muhammad in the Press Club of India. Swami Ji has been facing the heat ever since. Delhi Police filed an FIR against Swami Ji under Section 153-A and 295-A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Delhi Police also registered FIR against the AAP MLA for calling the beheading of Swami Ji under Section 153-A/506 of the IPC. The Tweet was removed from the social media platform after it received a lot of flak.

Lakhs of Muslims have gathered on the streets all over the country demanding the beheading of the Swami Ji for speaking against Muhammad. Recently, several videos surfaced on Twitter where young kids could be seen calling for the beheading of Swami Ji for alleged ‘blasphemy. These kids are seen to be holding a poster with Swami Ji’s photo on it, garlanded with footwears and raising slogans like “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki Ek saza, sar tan se juda, sar tan se juda” which translates to “There is only one punishment for speaking against the Prophet and that is beheading”.

A large number of Muslims were seen to be raising slogans at the Islamia Ground in Bareilly, demanding strict action against Swami Ji.

On the same day, four men from Madhya Pradesh were arrested by the Balaghat police for pasting posters against Narsinghanand join Jama Masjid road in the city. The men were identified as Mateen Ajhari, Kasim Khan, Sohaib Khan, and Raza Khan.

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a hoarding was placed on the street asking for the beheading of Swami Ji and Wasim Rizvi. The poster bears a picture of both these men and their heads being cut off and it also says “AIMIM Kanpur” which is a Hyderabad-based party headed by Asaduddin Owaisi and his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi. One of the posters also displayed a dog and a kid urinating on Swami Ji and Wasim Rizwi. These pictures went viral on social media platforms after which the Kanpur Police removed them after a huge outrage was drawn. The Kanpur Police also filed a case in Chamanganj station under Section 153-A and 295-A of the IPC. They tweeted the same from their verified Twitter account saying that the culprits are being identified.



These rallies will send shivers down your spine because there are kids not older than 7-8 years who are taking part in it and raising slogans like “Sar tan se juda”. People are worried that history will repeat itself because killing in the name of blasphemy is nothing new. Kamlesh Tiwari was brutally murdered on 18th October 2019 in his own house in Lucknow by Radical Islamists for his comments on the Prophet which were considered derogatory by Indian Muslims. Tiwari was arrested and put in jail for a few months by the Uttar Pradesh police but as fate had it, he was shot, stabbed and his throat was slit by two Muslim men who later confessed to the crime. Lakhs of Muslims had gathered on the streets demanding the death penalty for Tiwari while some demanded his beheading for insulting Muhammad.

Similarly, in 2020, a school teacher in France, Samuel Paty was beheaded by a Muslim man for sharing the cartoon made by Charlie Hebdo that mocked Muhammad.

Following the same pattern, Swami Ji has been receiving death threats from all over. He has been subjected to massive outrage from many parts of the country.


On 8th April, Swami Ji himself tweeted from his account, a video of a man openly gave a death threat to Swami Ji and even mentioned that he will sell his jewellery, even his house to pay Rs. 51 lakhs prize money to the person who will behead Swami Ji.

The whole incident brings us to the discussion around section 295-A of the IPC. The genealogy of it can be traced back to 1927, when Mahashe Rajpal, publisher of the book “Rangeela Rasool” was arrested initially, but later acquitted for hurting the sentiments of the minority community of the then undivided India. The book was objected to for it contained allegedly certain objectionable passages about the founder of their faith. This incident gave rise to demands for a specific law against causing insult to religious feelings and the British government duly obliged by enacting Section 295-A.


Sanjeev Newar founder of Sewan Nyaya Utthan Foundation and Agniveer and BJP’s Kapil Mishra together have started fundraising which will be utilized for better surveillance in and around the temple, security of Swami Ji’s life, the welfare of the priest, and everyone associated with the temple during Covid lockdown and regular Anna dhanam for the devotees. They aim to collect 51 lakhs rupees. Kapil Mishra via his Twitter account sent a video message to the people insisting everyone donate to this cause and asked everyone to make a strong Hindu ecosystem. 30 lakhs rupees have been collected so far on CrowdCash. He said that people all over are asking for Swami Ji’s beheading by calling out the slogan “Sur tan se juda” and it is time that Hindus unite to save one of us.



It is time that people stop being hypocritical. It is time that we stop tolerating such intolerance!



Mugdha Joglekar

Intern, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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