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Death- Dusk or Dawn of Life?

The truth ever felt as delusion


While reading this you might feel why I chose to write on such a topic which puts itself as the most negative aspect of life. You must feel that this is a normal thing, and each individual knows about it. But have you ever gone through any phase of your life till now where you must have run through emotions and thought of ‘Death’ having different dimensions?

Death – the word itself conveys somewhat negativity to many people surrounding us, we might be even one of them. This word or I would say a very prominent stage of life which all knows is inevitable yet the least discussed matter for ages. It is very normal to say that nobody in this world except a few would like to even discuss the end of their life or in general. The whole article will somewhere travel around the meaning of Death spiritually and not in the exact scientific one.

Let us first understand what science says or define ‘Death’ as:

As defined by the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, “death is the irreversible cessation of organismic functioning and human death as the irreversible loss of personhood.”

According to the whole-brain standard, human death is the irreversible cessation of functioning of the entire brain, including the brainstem.

But as we look it through the spiritual spectacles Death is defined to be something inevitable to take birth again. It is a compulsion. The spiritual studies say there is no definite definition of death and the one which has taken birth is necessary to die one day to maintain the Universal cycle of life without a hitch.

As we all know Death is inevitable to whatever is born. The soul is free from the bondage of birth and death. It is eternal; it has no death. And death is ultimately connected to birth. It can be defined as something that teaches one the importance of life and people around them their importance in others’ lives.

But as we think about it there come many unanswerable questions to mind that even after knowing the fact, why people still mourn death? Why it happens many times that the person whom we have not met any day even concerns us so much when we hear their demise? What is it that binds people so strongly? What imprints do people who went away leave on others’ hearts and minds that one feels to have a personal loss? Which are those unnatural intangible connections that bind people despite miles? why it happens that we as humans fail to respect the aliveness and then find ourselves guilty of peoples’ loss? Is it inevitable to die to make people understand your importance? Why does human behaviour tend to take people and their importance in one’s life for granted? and why after realizing so much, humans continue to do the same with others? Ask these questions to yourself and understand that most of the time we fall under the same bag where we as humans refuse to understand the prominence of people surrounding us in our lives.

The topic discussed here is too deep to understand whole at once, but the question here arises, despite death being destined and customary thing to discuss, why it seems to be so unuttered? Let us understand it further. It is said that the soul is immortal, and it does not die ever. Many religious sects except a few believe it to be all true and believe that Soul is immortal and eternal. There are some questions raised on the same.


  • Does the unliberated soul return after death?

Those who do not believe in reincarnation believe that it does not return. Therefore, according to the foreigners, it does not, according to the Muslims, it does not, but for the rest of Indians, the Hindus, and Christians, it does return. This is the result of the grace of ones’ God that they believe in reincarnation. It is believed in Hindu scriptures that the moment one dies, the Soul immediately enters another womb.

To understand reincarnation further, it is said that When the body dies, it becomes lifeless and from that one can easily deduce that there was life within, which has now departed and gone elsewhere. Those who do not believe in reincarnation believe that the very life force (Jiva) within was living and is now dead. We are spiritually developed. It is because of this spiritual development that we believe in reincarnation. It is because of this that we understand the science of the Vitarag (the Omniscient) Lords. This science states that it is because of reincarnation that we all come together. Such is our belief, and it is on the strength of this belief that we believe in the Soul.


  • How can reincarnation be supported without the belief in the soul? Who is it that reincarnates?

It is because that there is the soul then there is the reincarnation. We witness the death of the body, which is burnt. So only the Soul can come and go in different forms.

When you understand the nature of the Soul, all puzzles are solved. It is, however, hard to understand. That is why all the scriptures tell you to understand the Soul. Now without this knowledge, anything done is done in vain.


  • Who takes rebirth? Is it the soul or the life force (Jiva)?

The whole Universe functions automatically. Everything just happens on its own. Everything happens because of the Jiva. This comprises the Soul, the causal body, and the electrical body. This entity that desires worldly happiness has the ‘right’ to enter the womb and when worldly happiness is not desired, it loses the right to a rebirth.

‘Samadhi’ death means that at the time of death the dying one remembers nothing but his Soul. His ‘chit’, the component of the mind that has knowledge and vision is focused on nothing but his Pure Soul. His mind, his ‘chit’, his intellect, and his ego are completely still. This is eternal bliss. Even problems created by external forces on his body do not affect him.

Death being the mere truth of life yet is unspoken. The sheer reality is taken as something very unpleasant and not to be thought of. While Death is a compulsion that everyone knows, should be taken on a positive note and should be taken well as to live each moment of life gleefully and respecting all those surrounding us.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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