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Death toll from floods in Vietnam increases to 23 people – State Media

Bangkok: The number of people killed as a result of heavy rains and ensuing floods in Vietnam has grown to 23, the Vietnamese state news agency VNA reported on Tuesday.
Prior update on the death toll from floods in Vietnam put the figure at 18. Additionally, thousands of residential buildings were reported damaged and social infrastructure in the central part of country affected.

The number of missing people has remained unchanged at 14, according to the report.
The areas hit the hardest by the cataclysm include the provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai including other mountainous and flatland areas in central Vietnam.

The report has brought some clarity on the extent of property damage inflicted by the flood. More than 109,000 houses were reportedly flooded either partially or completely and 382 houses were destroyed. Around 4,000 hectares (9,885 acres) of rice and other crops went under water. More than 150,000 farm animals died.

The weather-related risks forced almost 46,000 Vietnamese to evacuate. The floods and landslides caused by the rains have severely disrupted the traffic in the country’s central regions, resulting in at least 68 blockages.

Vietnamese meteorologists have warned of a new tropical storm forming in the South China Sea and will likely make a landfall in Vietnam on Tuesday. The authorities recommend that people whose houses are in the lowlands to evacuate to safer areas. The new wave of rains and floods expected in the coming days will likely affect central and northern parts of Vietnam.

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