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Delhi air turns ‘severe’

New Delhi: National Capital’s air quality worsened on Thursday as the city reeled under ‘severe’ air with the Air Quality Index being recorded at 402 at around 1200 hrs, according to the Central Pollution Control Board.

According to the data released by Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), AQI recorded in Alipur was 405, 401 in Anand Vihar and 410 in Wazirpur area.

Similarly, the air quality around the NCR region was also on an average ‘very poor’ to ‘severe’ this morning as stubble burning and the increased humidity continued to add on to the people’s woes on the onset of the winters.

The haze in the morning and higher humidity levels and low temperature added to the pollution making the air dense, the relative humidity in the morning at 0830 hrs was pegged at 92 per cent, as per the weatherman and the minimum temperature was 12.4 degrees.

On Wednesday, the city’s air quality in the evening was under the poor category, with the AQI at 297.

With the decreasing temperature and high levels of humidity making the air dense the situation is likely to become even worse.

The government is more pro-active as compared to last year with reference to the air pollution in the Delhi NCR region keeping in the view the COVID-19 as the rise in pollution levels could be more harmful in the present times as the virus attacks the respiratory system.

CPCB teams have already been deployed across various areas while pollution hotspot and specific measures are being taken by the agencies to prevent pollution and also check the main causes.


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