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Delhi Youth to Promote Eco-Friendliness in Goa

Around 22 youth including many teenagers from Delhi based NGO Manzil Welfare Society will present street plays at different places in Goa from 9th October to promote eco-friendliness. The date has been specially chosen as it is the eve of Global Day of Doing which is going to be observed on 10th October 2010.
The 10 minute long street plays were planned a year ago said Ranjodh Singh who is leading the group in Goa and added that the message is primarily to state that it is “cool” to be environment friendly. The group has already performed the play in Delhi while the group has the experience of staging similar plays in various other cities of the country.
The untitled street play has been written by 16 year old Jai Kumar along with 15 year old Anan Chaurasia.

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