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Delhi’s air quality worsens, spikes to ‘severe’

New Delhi: National Capital’s air quality worsened on Thursday with the average Air Quality Index (AQI) spiking to 470, placing the quality of air under the ‘severe’ category, the Central Pollution Control Board said.

The AQI was 470 at around 1300 hrs with the skies appearing hazy even under the bright Sun.

The NCR region also came under the severe to very poor air as a result of low temperature, high relative humidity and smoke from stubble burning adding to the equation making the air dense and difficult for the dispersion of the particulate matter in the slow wind speed.

The minimum temperature in the city this morning was 10.6 degrees C and relative humidity pegged at 83 per cent.

Talking of the NCR, the AQI was over 400 at several places and mostly it was under the very poor category.

As per media reports and local sources, there was no full stop to stubble burning across the northern states.

On Wednesday evening at around 1600 hrs, the AQI had begun to spike in the northern region as the index was above 400 already at places like Ambala, Baghpat, Moradabad in UP, while it was mostly under very poor category at several cities and towns across the northern region especially in Haryana and UP .


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