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Delta Corp to be targeted in Casino Agitation

Maybe it’s driven by the fact that Delta Corp’s new sprawling Casino ship MV Horseshoe has glided on the Mandovi River or by a political agenda owing to the alleged proximity of the owner Jaydev Mody to the current government and it’s Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, it is getting abundantly clear that while the attention of the NGOs and even politicians is to raise focus on the ill-effects of the casino culture in the state and to also expose the double-standards of the BJP on this issue, all guns are going to be aimed at Delta Corp and its chairman Jaydev Mody.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) spokesperson Sudip Tamankar questioned the government’s decision to allow new casino MV Horseshoe owned by Delta Corp to anchor in the Mandovi. Tamankar said while Delta Corp had claimed it was a replacement for another casino boat Caravela, the specifications of the two boats such as ‘the length, breadth, height, capacity, number of gaming machines of the two vessels are vastly different and the registrations of the two vessels didn’t match’.

He further demanded that Parrikar clarify his relationship with Modi. Tamankar said the chief minister was complicit in allowing the casino to anchor without necessary permissions. Alleging “large-scale corruption’ in the matter, he said “Nobody will bring such an expensive boat worth crores of rupees just like that and keep it unused,” implying government support for the vessel.

Yet another appointed Congress spokesperson who is also the Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP), Surendra Furtado, stated, that in order to save Goan youth from being corrupted by this malaise of Casinos, the chief minister should do so in four months. has also learnt that yet another Congress spokesperson is aiming to raise the issue of the land acquired by Jaydev Mody’s through his other business enterprises across Goa, though not directly linked to the Delta Corp.

“We know about the proximity between of the Jaydev Mody and Manohar Parrikar. And we also know the amount of money that has exchanged hands between the Chief Minister and Jaydev Mody to give easy in-roads into the casino and realty sector in Goa,” expressed a Congress spokesperson on his allegations.

When spoke to senior officials at the Delta Corp on the questioned that has been raised on its new vessel, they seemed surprised about all the fuss. “We have replaced another vessel under the same license which is permitted. It is not a new license,” expressed a senior management official.

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