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Depts Re-Appropriate Budget For Tribals

With tribals’ rights and welfare taking centre stage subsequent to the May 25th agitation that left two tribals dead, 26 of the 27 departments of Government of Goa have re-appropriated their budgets to incorporate Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) within them amounting to nearly Rs. 100 crore.

The State budget for the current financial year has an outlay of Rs. 3320 crore of which Rs. 229 crore was earmarked for tribals and areas dominated by them. However, the same has now been revised to Rs. 332 crore.

While as per the initial budget, the amount earmarked for tribals was 8.64 per cent of the total outlay as against the 5.65 per cent for the previous year, the revised figures indicate that 1o per cent of the outlay will now be utilized for tribal population and its welfare even though the officials are trying to touch the figure of 12 per cent.

While 26 departments have already re-worked their budge, the only one yet to do so is the Public Works Department which incidentally has quite a high outlay. Sources revealed that the PWD is trying to allot 30 per cent of its budget for tribal as against the estimated 11.69 per cent as per the original budget allocation.

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