Design Plus Relaunches its Website

Design Plus, a leading architectural firm, today unveiled a completely new and mobile responsive website ‘’. The newly redesigned website provides a fully integrated online experience that will make it easy for the Firm’s clients, partners and potential employees to find the relevant information.



Design Plus Website


The website now features sections like ‘Design+Thought’ and ‘Architectural Discussions’. The website also provides access to more information about the latest development satthe Studio, like projects, new contract, recognitions, awards, etc.


As our organization has grown in terms of scale and region, the old web presence did not offer justice to the position we feel we have established within the architectural fraternity over the course of time. Also, the technology for designing, building, viewing, updating website has evolved. Thus, possessing a relevant web presence was crucial for our studio,” said Abhishek Bij, Partner & Lead Designer, Design Plus.


The biggest enhancement on the website is the Firm’s portfolio, which entails the list of projects accomplished by Design Plus. Visitors can now browse through the projects according to the multiple categorization strategies, like by discipline (master planning, architecture, interiors), by ‘program’, by ‘status of completion’, by status of ‘competitions’, or simply browse through selected/featured projects.


It is important for any architectural studio to position itself within the domain of the global architectural fraternity. Critique is an essential component of an architect’s repertoire. We are glad that the website is able to push forth our position on various topics by virtue of the carefully curated and categorized ‘Design+Thought’ section. Also, we have introduced ‘Architectural Discussions’, as a bulletin board to highlight major architectural related news,” he further added.


Design Plus is probably the only Architectural Firm in India to win six National Design Competitions since 2012 and also recognized to be one of the Best Architectural Design Consultancies for Educational and Sports Infrastructure. The firm is also recognized as one of the top architectural firms in the category of ‘Changing the face of Indian Architecture’ by MGS Architecture publication.


About Design Plus

Founded in the year 1981, Design Plus believes in creating Architecture that is contemporary, multi-layered and sensitive to contextual conditions. The Firm has evolved from a post-modern idiom to current didactic and vibrant global needs with exchanges of varying information at the root; from a unitary client to an organised development sector. Here at Design Plus, they strive to develop environmentally and morphologically responsible designs within market and programmatic pressures and attempt to overlap the Firm’s goals with their clients’.


As an active part of the growing architectural culture, Design Plus continues to evolve technically, aesthetically, theoretically and technologically. Design Plus today comprises of an immediate team of Architects, Interior Designers and Visualizers. The networked studio environment, demonstrates proficiency in novel designing, modeling and research techniques.


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