Devabhaasha: World’s first card game reviving Sanskrit

Staying connected to your cultural and linguistic roots while simply playing a card game is now a reality with Devabhaasha- the world’s first Sanskrit card game, developed by Karnataka- based business partners, Charu Smitha Rao and Neelcantran Balasubramanian.

Their brainchild became a reality when the idea got the right kind of impetus after the toycathon in 2021 was organized by Government of India’s Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and the game emerged as one of the winners of the same.

When Rao and Balasubramanian first started working on their idea, they were aware of the fact that the project had its own set of difficulties. Even though it was just a matter of verb, subject and object, nobody had ever tried creating a game with Sanskrit as its language medium.

Even though aimed at reviving the ancient language, the game does not overwhelm its users with a whole lot of Sanskrit. Putting all of the language into the game was never the creators’ objective. What they did was putting 60-70% of a level 1 Sanskrit workbook in a fun and engaging manner using Sanskrit grammar as the foundation of the game mechanics.

Devabhaasha is a multi-player game that requires the participants to draw cards in order to collect a set of words which would help them form grammatically correct sentences in Sanskrit. The players can also challenge each other and score extra points to emerge as the winner of the game.








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