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Dhanyavad Delhi Police

As a citizen I look forward to the Republic Day celebrations. I wake up early, attend the flag hoisting in my building and then watch the Republic Day parade on TV. To see the strength and valour of our armed forces, the diversity of India fills my heart with pride.

26 Jan 2021 took an unexpected turn of events when a crazed mob did everything they could to attack and provoke the police. They were not farmers but paid protestors.

In any country in the world attacking the police meets with swift and tough action. Clearly, Delhi Police had the wisdom to respond with restraint to foil a global strategy to malign India. The information that came to light subsequently proved it beyond any doubt.

The brave men and women of Delhi police managed to defuse the situation without giving any opportunity to the mob or global cabal to play victim. In doing so they won the hearts of citizens across India.

We often look at someone, appreciate them in our minds and leave it at that. Savitha Rao, the founder of India Positive Citizen decided that this must be tangibly appreciated. She got canvas banners made on which people from different parts of India and overseas wrote their feedback for Delhi Police. Those in Mumbai wrote their message personally. Volunteers received the messages of people from other parts of India and overseas and wrote the messages on cloth. I am pleased to have been a part of this historic initiative.

This was the first time that a Police Force in India received such tangible appreciation from citizens from another city.  The messages were in English, Hindi, Gujarati. Some people even composed poems in Hindi. People of every age group participated with joy. The banners were vibrant, colourful, and filled with joy and appreciation.

Surely the members of Delhi Police would have been delighted to receive appreciation from so many fellow citizens. It was equally delightful for citizens who were part of this creative initiative.

India faces threats from anti national elements within the nation. And a global cabal. It is not just the responsibility of our men and women in uniform to protect the nation. As citizens, we too must do our part.


The banners can be viewed at:



Tanmay Naik

Intern, Goa Chronicle

#IndiaPositiveCitizen #DhanyavadDelhiPolice #DelhiPolice #ThankYou

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