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Dhavalikar’s visit to Portugal an act of shamelessness: AAP

Goa, December 2, (GCCurrentAffairs) Aam Aadmi Party today accused the government of being loaded with ‘shameless’ people and singled out Sudin Dhavlikar for openly displaying such shamelessness by visiting Portugal whose Prime Minister was ‘insulted’ by him while on a visit to the place of his origin in Goa in the recent past.

Addressing media, AAP Convenor Elvis Gomes along with General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that it is natural for any one to appreciate and applaud a son or daughter of the soil who excels in any field when in another state or foreign land.

He said that it should have been a matter of great pride that Antonio Costa, a son of Goa was chosen by the Portuguese people to be the head of Government of their very nation which had ruled over Goa for centuries.

However, he said that Maharashtrawadi Gomantak leader Sudin Dhavalikar who often displays open support to Sanatan Sanstha an organisation that allegedly promotes enmity between people, had vitiated the atmosphere and sought to give communal twist during the Portuguese PM’s visit only for narrow political gains and added that the same minister was now on a visit to Portugal ‘to study water supply systems’. “ This is an open display of shamelessness.

Whether he is gone to study water supply systems or water treatment systems, AAP says that it is admittance of the failure to supply proper water for the last 15 years , of handling on and off the water supply portfolio. Go to Delhi and learn from AAP Government water supply management where each household gets free water and yet the water supply department is in huge profits. Does Portugal have to teach you this?” asked Gomes .

He went on to add that the Minister was openly critical of bikinis , skirts and pubs and asked as to what this minister and team expect to see in a European nation. Gomes said that the people of Goan origin in Portugal should gift some designer bikinis to the members of the delegation on this foreign jaunt so that they get educated on what is freedom of speech and expression which does not impose on others what they should eat and wear.

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