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Dhoosar Premiered at IFFI

The cast and crew of Marathi film Dhoosur received a warm welcome when it was premiered at the ongoing International Film Festival of India at Goa under the Indian Premiere category with the director Amol Palekar along with actress Smita Tambe being present.

“Dhoosur”, which means “blur” in English, depicts the journey of a mother suffering from Alzeimer’s disease and how her daughter copes with the illness. Many layers of human mind and emotions are peeled off through a collage of past and present in the film, and different shades of human bonds emerge, as the story unfolds the starkness of dementia.

The sensitive portrayal of characters challenges one to understand human behavior. The film, been shot almost entirely in Goa. Speaking on the sidelines, Amol Palekar said, “Regional cinema has contributed nicely and strongly into making Indian cinema what it is, and taken it beyond Bollywood. Given the thoughtful and rich content of regional films, I see a good growth trajectory for them.”

Speaking about Bollywood, he said, “The sheer scale of reach and budgets is driving sensitivity and experimentation away from Hindi cinema. When Hindi films are made, one looks at a wider market, the masses. These heap pressures on the minds of the film makers. Will it appeal to everyone?”

“And then there are the budgets. I am not saying they are bad, but then no one wants to take risks with such huge budgets. There is only talk of Rs 40 or Rs 50 crore film with a budget of Rs 20 crore for promotion. One is only talking about the commercial side of cinema not the creative side,” Palekar said.

The actor of classic comic super hits of the yesteryears like Golmaal and Chhoti si Baat said that relatively sober-budgeted regional cinema could afford to take risks and experiment, because it was not buoyed down by tons of money.


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