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DHS conducts dry run for COVID-19 vaccination

Panjim: A dry run (mock drill ) for COVID-19 vaccination was conducted in the morning session by Directorate of Health Services here on Saturday.

According to a statement from the government, the dry run was conducted at four centres registered as session sites in the CoWin portal. The centres being Urban health centre Panaji; Primary Health Centre Aldona; Primary Health Centre Corlim and Healthways Hospital Old Goa.

Twenty five health care workers from each of the four centres who were registered in the CoWin portal were taken as dummy beneficiaries during the dry run.

As per the Government of India Guideline, three rooms were identified at each session sites as waiting room, vaccination room and observation room.

In room one each beneficiary was verified by the vaccination officer for his photo ID and reflection of the registration message on his Mobile phone.

In room two, the vaccination officer authenticated registration status of beneficiary and guided him/her to the vaccinator for administration of the vaccine. All infection prevention and control measures were followed along with Covid Appropriate behavior, ( wearing masks,hand washing ,social distancing) at all the sessions sites.

The vaccinator informed the beneficiaries the key messages about the type of vaccine received, due date for the next dose and informed them to remain in the observation room for next 30 minutes.

The whole session was monitored in real time on the Co-WIN Portal.

The Covid Vaccination dry run was supervised and monitored by State level senior officials under the Directorate of Health services.

The exercise was conducted as per the instructions from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India, to review the preparedness of the Covid vaccination in the State. The entire exercise of the Dry run was completed successfully at all four session sites.

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