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Did Sachin Vaze receive a phone call from Pakistan?

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) has arrested former Mumbai Police (Criminal Investigation Unit) Head of the Mumbai Crime Branch, Sachin Vaze in connection with the explosives found in a car reportedly outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence Antilia.

Post the arrest and startling revelations emerging out of the NIA investigations, Sachin Vaze has been suspended from police service by Mumbai Police Force.

While media has been speculating over the probability of an extortion attempt on Mukesh Ambani, GoaChronicle has learned through informed intelligence sources, that the NIA team is immersed in investigating a terror plot planning behind the suspicious actions of Sachin Vaze.

There is a belief based on credible intelligence, that NIA while not ruling out the probability of a terror target being Antilia, the investigation is also exploring possibilities of other probable terror targets at the location at which the vehicle laden with explosives was found.

GoaChronicle team in its research and analysis are off the opinion that other than Antilia, Kenilworth Building could have also been one of the targets, as it falls in the vicinity.

The peculiarity and importance of Kenilworth Building is that it is home to some senior officers and scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and TATA Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR).

It is evident that former encounter specialist Sachin Vaze is not working alone. NIA is investigating all his known sources and acquaintances. His phones are not traceable and his data on his computer have been reportedly deleted.

Vaze, when an encounter specialist, was known to have a cordial relationship with important point men of Dawood. In fact, according to a member of his former encounter team, on strict condition of anonymity, ‘Vaze would encounter individuals for Dawood or against Dawood. He just followed instructions.”

Since his sudden overnight reinstatement in the late night of June 5th 2020 and wee hours of the morning of June 6th 2020, Sachin Vaze has been working under the supervision of Parambir Singh, who has now been transferred to DG-Home Guard from his post as the Mumbai Police Commissioner handling high-profile cases, out ranking several senior police officers in the Mumbai Police. One such case was the TRP Scam in the TV media business.

On October 10, 2020, GoaChronicle ran a story on a phone call from Pakistan to a Mumbai Police officer and some in the media in Mumbai.

In that story GoaChronicle had learned from its source working in an international intelligence arm that focuses on South Asia terrorism and counter-terrorism informed that a number: 0092306####310 has been in touch with some people in India and their focus discussion has been to work on plans to restrain Arnab Goswami and Republic TV Network.

The source also mentioned that this person could be in touch with someone in Mumbai police or in touch with someone influential in the media fraternity but could not affirmatively confirm who is the person receiving the calls from Pakistan.

GoaChronicle then further decided to investigate the Pakistani number: 0092306####310.

The number belongs to an officer of the Special Services Group (SSG) of the Pakistan Army. The name by which the officer of SSG goes by is – Ishaq.

The SSG is an elite Commando unit of the Pakistan Army. It is also known at the Maroon Berets. The officers in SSG are directly recruited by Pakistan’s ISI.

SSG’s core focus areas of operations are foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism action, direct action, and unconventional warfare. But it also operates in the dark arts of espionage – information operations and psychological operations.

In fact, is if you go back into history into SSG operations against India, in January 2013, India accused Pakistan that Army Special Service Group led an attack across the Line of Control (LoC) in which Indian soldiers were killed and beheaded.

Now that the nefarious acts of Sachin Vaze has been brought to light by NIA and since it has serious undertones of a terror plot foiling or being stopped in its execution, it throws up the question, could Sachin Vaze have been the Mumbai Police officer that received a call from Pakistan.


Savio Rodrigues

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