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Digambar Seeks To Douse Monti Dongor Fires

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in what is apparently a bid to douse the rising tempers in Monti Dongor visited Hospicio hospital to enquire about Maqbool Sirsi’s condition even while not taking any concrete steps to ensure that his assailant is brought to books.
Bashir, the main accused in Maqbool’s assault who is also a close confidante of Digambar Kamat is still at large. In this context, Digambar’s visit is seen as an attempt to bring about a rapprochement between the two warring groups who both owed allegiance to him.

Although Maqbool’s brother  Hajrat Ali Sirsi had spoken very sternly against Digambar Kamat, the situation is now expected to change following this visit.
Significantly, the Chief Minister has not yet pulled up the police for its failure to nab Bashir while the police are not making any serious attempts to nab him knowing that he enjoys the Chief Minister’s protection.

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