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Dinar Tarcar likely to contest from St Cruz on BJP-MGP coalition banner

Dinar Tarcar recently in the news for the allegation surrounding illegal mining has quit the Congress and is expected to contest the forthcoming Goa Assembly elections on a BJP-MGP coalition banner with an MGP ticket from St Cruz.

While neither BJP, MGP or Dinar Tarcar are confirming these new developments, sources close to all parties concerned in the know say that in attempt to give the Congress candidate Babush Monserrate a tough competition the BJP-MGP alliance will be looking to put a strong candidate with the winability and money power to match muscles with Babush Monseratte. And with Victoria Fernandes also putting her son Rudolf Fernandes as an independent or as another party candidate could also heat up the polls in St Cruz.

Interestingly, Dinar Tarcar name in the illegal mining allegations were razed on account of the Public Accounts Committee previously headed by the Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar. The question that is going to be thrown open to BJP by the Congress party in its political attack on its rival will be the ‘double-standards’ by the BJP in accepting Dinar Tarcar as a candidate.

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