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Diocesan Centre slams Goa Catholic Priest for objectionable statements

Panaji: The Diocesan Centre for Social Communications media slammed Fr Conceicao D’Silva for his hateful and communal sermon for targeting the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, former Goa CM Late Manohar Parrikar and BJP during a prayer service at the Raia Church in South Goa.

In a letter issued to the media the Diocesan Centre stated, “It is regretted that the Parish Priest of Raia, while addressing his parishioners recently, has made some objectionable statements about a specific political party as well as individuals of that party. Before elections to the Assembly or Parliament, the Church in Goa issues guidelines to its priests to encourage their parishioners to fulfil their duty to vote for the candidate or party that will better safeguard the interests of our State and Nation.

General principles are also given on what to look for in the candidates and in their manifestoes. While doing so, priests are advised not to mention in public any names of candidates or of political parties. It is a matter of regret that, nonetheless, there are a few instances when this particular advice is not followed. The concerned priest in this case has been cautioned to refrain from making such statements. We sincerely regret any pain or hurt that these statements may have caused.

In the shocking sermon at Raia Church in South Goa, Fr Conceicao D’Silva tells the Catholic parishioners that if they vote for BJP in the Lok Sabha Elections they would face punishment from God and also asked them to remember that BJP poured petrol on children and burnt them alive.

In the sermon which went viral on social media, the priest further attacked former Chief Minister Late Manohar Parrikar saying that God punished him with cancer. “If you insult God, you will be punished, whether you are PM or PM’s father. Parrikar changed law on holiday of Francis Xavier. He died in pain.”

He also stated that Amit Shah is the devil and that Christians must not listen to the news on television channels as all media channels have been bought by Prime Minister Modi. “Narendra Modi has burnt thousands of Muslims in Gujarat including an MP, and you are running behind the BJP.”

Interestingly he further went of praise the Portuguese governance in Goa and expressed that Hindu, Muslims and Christians lived in harmony under the Portuguese rule in the state.

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