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Diplomat Message to Ambassador: Evict Indians from Nigeria

Failing to reach a satisfactory discussion with the Director General of Police (DGP) and securing a meeting with the Chief Minister of Goa, followed by eviction of Nigerians from Goa, Jacob Nwadibia, Administrative Attache, Nigerian High Commission has in a phone call to the Nigerian Ambassador and subsequent SMS to SP-North Goa Priyanka Kashyap has demanded that the Nigerian Government begin the process to evict Indians in Nigeria.

The SMS in possession that was sent to SP-North  reads as follows, ” Just to inform u that police are going round ejecting. Nigerians. I cannot hold on anymore. I am informing my Ambassador to request Nigerian landlords to start ejecting Indians anywhere they may be in Nigeria.”

The Admin Attache who spent time explaining their grievances to the team had verbally point forth a seven point conditions to the Goa government to ensure that the bilateral agreements between India and Nigeria are not hampered.
Of the seven conditions the most important one being the immediate arrests of those responsible for the death of the Nigerian Youth in what is being touted as being a drug-turf war killing.

“The young boy who was killed was in Goa on a holiday. He comes from a good family and whose elder Brother is a Pastor in a Church in New Delhi. He unfortunate got dragged into a tussle with the locals and had a fight even though he was not the target. When discharged from the hospital, the locals involved in the killing and mutilation of some parts of his body, attacked that Nigerian group again and unfortunately he became a victim to their murderous intent. The Nigerians reacted because this boy was not involved in any illegal activity in Goa, he was innocent and he was murdered like an animal. Most Nigerians felt that police would label him as a drug-peddler and also not be serious about the case. So they reacted which we as the High Commission do not justify but it important to understand the cause of their anger,” the diplomat further expressed.

The second condition was the release of the Nigerian taken under arrest and also the need to not evict Nigerians based on a emotional and racial reason but on legal grounds with an opportunity for the Nigerians and their Embassy to provide the necessary assistance to their countrymen in India so that if they were illegal staying in India, arrangements could be made to send the home and not just evict someone.
However while the discussion between the Diplomat and DGP continued, efforts were being made in Parra to evict Nigerians from their home, due which the Diplomat called the Ambassador and also sent the SMS to SP-North.

“We will raise the issue with the Nigerian government to take this issue up with the Indian government. If Nigerians are evicted out of Goa without a fair opportunity to protect their rights a foreigners in India, I have already advised the Ambassador to tell the Nigerian Government not the offer the same to the Indians in Nigeria,” Nwadibia stated.

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