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Discussing Depression

With depression spreading like a pandemic and suicide being one of the most unfortunate outcomes of it, a lot is being discussed on the same. Every time, we lose someone, the social media and WhatsApp statuses becomes a platform to convey ‘Talk! My door is always open for you.’ While much appreciated as this small step is, do we really see this happening in real life? Also, is it right to draw parallel between depression and other diseases like ‘cancer’ as seen in a common trend lately?

Coming from an engineering background, four years I got to witness some of the most haphazard lifestyles of students, including me. Most of us don’t even realize when we transform from a disciplined school kid being serious about our daily routine to an adult spending most of the day sleeping, eating or stressing. Worse was the usage of intoxicants including drugs amongst many students. Travelling for work purposes, I realized that the situation is the same in most of the universities and colleges. Not being an expert in mental health, I would like to put light onto the aspects that people know but do not work upon, which unfortunately made me lose many of my own college mates who took their life, leaving their friends and family with a note. In most of the cases, the note mentioned a reason that seemed like ‘no-reason’ from other’s perspective to take such a drastic step.

With scenarios already being so grim, influential people posting how depression is like cancer makes the one suffering from it get surrounded by a feeling of vulnerability. People, with their in-built aspect to over-think, start feeling how they are suffering from something in which death is a very probable consequence. People even start fearing their natural mood-swings which they start thinking of as ‘suicidal whims.’ The ones suffering from cancer too start to get over-powered by an unnecessary realization that they are suffering from something so deadly and dangerous, that it becomes a parameter for other problems and diseases.

Thus, it is time we start talking less and acting more. It is time for my generation to realize that they need to value their lives and invest in building it and giving it a meaning. Being irresponsible and casual on everything that deserves one’s attention cannot be a fashion statement or the new ‘cool’. It is time all the institutions modelled for youngsters include counselling sessions in their curriculum along with promoting a culture of ethics and values. It is time parents realize how facilities become inversely proportional to a healthy life, thus not shielding their children from the real world, always sufficing their every demand. It is time, we collectively start living more in the real world realizing that no matter how much status or posts we put on social media, an increased screen-time would ultimately decrease the time we need to give to our loved ones. Also, the ones who feel lost presently must understand that life is too big and world even bigger for us to explore. If we fight this present battle with courage, the world living both within and without will embrace us tomorrow. Life is of course not a ‘bed of roses’. But this is what makes it more beautiful as we get a plain land which we must beautify by sweating, struggling and ultimately living.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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