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Dissent of Mopa Locals Should Be Considered: Official

Former Chairman of Projects Assessment and Appraisal Committee (Infrastructure and Miscellenous projects), Union Ministry of Environment and Forest Nirmal Andrews said dissent of the locals should also be considered before going ahead with the Mopa airport.
Speaking at the Indo-French Seminar on Sustainable Tourism organized by Confederation of Indian Industry, he said that for the airport to be environment friendly, the people should be keen about it.

While adding that the airport will have to use clean energy resources, he said the government should also access how much land will be required for constructing the airport.
As the government initiated the land acquisition process for the second airport in Goa, locals have protested claiming that their orchard land which was the mean for their livelihood is being snatched by the government.
Andres also called for a ban in sand mining in the Coastal Regulation Zone arguing that the activity would destroy these areas and urged the government to consider alternatives to sand for the construction industry.

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