DIYA Joins Spell Bee League Season 3 as Exclusive Robotic Partner

Spell Bee League is all set to take your child’s dream of working with Robots a step closer. Want to know how Spell Bee League has recently joined hands with DIYA – Do It Yourself Academy who is coming on board as an Exclusive Robotics partner. Coding is the fastest growing educational necessity amongst Schools and Colleges as kids these days have a greater passion to get educated and equip with coding skills. DIYA has carved a niche and is a known name as a seasoned Coding and Robotics Training Company. They also conduct workshops where they provide kits and accessories along with technical and theoretical sessions for Robotics. After joining Spell Bee League, the team is aiming at giving benefits such as practical applications of scientific concepts, enhancement of hand-eye coordination, a pathway to the robotic sector, building a sense of team-work and imbibing and inculcation of leadership skills.

DIYA joins Spell Bee League Season 3 as Exclusive Robotic partner

“We, at DIYA, are glad to generate awareness about Codingand Robotics amongst the kids of todays generation. In this world full of computer games and digital tools we are happy creating these programs that will prepare them for future jobs with experiential and immersive learning activities. Here our main motto is to make today’s kids future-ready, as Coding and Robotics are among the top 5 skills needed for next-generation. Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain etc..are on the rise and the skillset we embed into them will not only help your child become future-ready but also enhance there mental strength,” said Latika Rangaraj, COO, Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA).

DIYA joins Spell Bee League Season 3 as Exclusive Robotic partner

“The uniqueness of Spell Bee League also lies in the fact that it is going to be an experience where children will learn about humility and spirit of giving. We are also opening our completion to the students from schools in underprivileged sectors which cannot afford to participate in such competition. Along with this we are also bringing out childhood safety awareness and elements of kindness and keeping animals safe through our associations and exercises,” says Co-founder Madhu Satyanarayana, Spell Bee League.

“We, at DIYA , aim to be aworld leader in providing high-performance future-tech International Certification courses for not justSchools and Colleges but also for working professionals. We are already providing certification courses in the futuristic tech space in technologies like Robotics, IoT, AI, ML, 3D Printing and Industrial Automation education for school and college students to develop 21st-century skills using an Industry Oriented International Curriculum.Alongside our strong foothold in the Indian Market we have also entered itnostrong international partnerships and collaborations in the UK, US, Singapore and Australia,” said Udhay Shankar Polavaram CEO & President, Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA).

Along with Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA), the initiative is supported by many other national and international partners brands such as Smart Kidz Club USA, Hoopsters League of Action Heroes, Rhhyns Academy, People for Animals Bangalore and many more.

About Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA)

Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA) is into Robotics, IoT, AI, ML, 3D Printing and Industrial Automation education for school and college students to develop 21st-century skills using an Industry Oriented International Curriculum. We are on a mission to equip students with futuristic and career-oriented technologies the hands-on way through short term and long-term programs. Founded in the year 2013, DIYA is well recognized in the field of technical education for the past 7+ years having won various awards and accomplishments to our credit. We have presence in the major cities of India like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Coimbatore, alongside international partnerships and collaborations in the UK, US, Singapore and Australia.

To make students future-ready, we have partnered with schools and colleges to set up an Internationally Certified “Centre Of Robotics Excellence” (CORE), which consists of industry-oriented, experiential year-long programs, enabling them to focus on academics, while also ensuring various skills development through a judicious mix of Expos, contests and international programs. Colleges partner with us for career-oriented training followed by specialized placement for selected students.

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About Spell Bee League

Spell Bee League is an experiential initiative for kids in different categories and different age segments and will have 5 levels to reach the target. This initiative designed keeping in the three basic aspects of learning especially for children Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetics.

It’s a great alternative to typical singing, dancing and other extracurricular activities as it tests their minds and enhances their mental edge with spellings related challenges. Spell Bee League is brought to you by Bizwingz Production House, a renowned conference and event organizing company with operations in India, Middle East and Africa. Bizwingz Production House curates events that stimulate the brain, spur creativity and facilitate meeting It operates from a network of offices and strategic partners based out of Dubai, Riyadh, Bangalore and London.

This initative is also backed by an esteemed advisory board from various industries which includes likes of Dr. Latha Murthy a prominent educationist with 3 decades of experience, Mrs Ambuj Sharma yet another educationist with over 3 decades of experience, who is also the PRO & Headmistress of Jain International Residentialist School Bangalore joined by Mrs. Riddhi Doshi Patel, a Child Psychologist, Internationally Certified Parenting Coach, Tedx Speaker, National awardee and Founder of Rhhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. S. Sathyamurthy who is Vice-president Karnataka Unaided Schools Managements Association, there strategic advisors are Sanjiv Singh who is Chief Strategy Officer Trescon Global with global conference industry for over 14+ years currently dealing with goverments of 20+ countries and joining them is a prominent name from Film feternity Mrs. Ketki Mehta Brand Strategist & Founder Youth Talks who has also dawned the roles of Director, Producer for some prominent films along with working for Indian Army and mbai police campaigns.

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