DLF Foundation Committed to Empowering the Underprivileged

DLF Foundation formed in the year 2008 is a philanthropic arm of DLF Ltd. The foundation has been founded with an objective to empower communities through its relentless efforts in the field of education, training and health. The foundation has taken massive strides by helping the local communityof NCR which has fascinated foreign universities to include the foundation’s CSR activities a part of their case study.


The Foundation’s initiatives are a product of meticulous brainstorming and are directed in a way that will benefit the society in unique ways. They have opened two senior citizen rejuvenation centres, which are testament to the innovation, and sensitivity with which these initiatives are formulated and later executed. The foundation has worked to create opportunities in the areas of education, training and health and has persistently worked to ensure the sustainable and inclusive growth which is both environment friendly and socially uplifting.


As the part of their Talent and Nurturing programme, the Foundation recently adopted Government Schools in Noida to provide quality education to underprivileged children. The Foundation had since contributed immensely towards its infrastructure and education up gradation. It is the first time that Noida schools are equipped with a state-of-the-art Digital Classroom. They have also built separate toilets for boys, girls and teachers, installed water cooler, set up computer labs and child resource centre which is a fully equipped library and many more such facilities. DLF Foundation also runs the DLF Golf Excellence program wherein young kids are trained and nurtured under the guidance of professional golf instructors. The Foundation selects juniors from 12-18 years of age and the programme provides all necessary resources and training required to become the best golfers in the world. Hitashee Bakshi, recently won the first place in 13-14 years age category along with Kartik Sharma and Sunhit Joshi who won the 2nd and 3rd position in the 15-17 years age category respectively at Hong Kong Junior Golf championship played at Discovery Bay Golf Club, Hong Kong. Hitashee, Kartik and Sunhit are a part of the program.


The foundation has also made great environment friendly contribution through installing the solid waste management plant in Silver Oaks Condominium Association (SOCA) in Gurugram. The plant has reduced the total garbage dumped at central Bandhwari plant by approximately 15000 kg on a monthly basis.


Dr. Vinay Sahni, CEO, DLF Foundation

Dr. Vinay Sahni, CEO, DLF Foundation, says, “We have always worked towards contributing for the society in which we live. It involves empowering the underprivileged sections of the society by providing them proper education and growth opportunities. We identify issues that have been plaguing our society and try to mitigate them and find solutions that are sustainable and long-term. We believe that business and corporations cannot succeed if the societies don’t prosper. We have to become more able and contribute towards the society willingly, to make it a better place.


He further added, “Business and industry plays a pivotal role in bridging the rural-urban and urban-urban divide to ensure the inclusive growth and empowerment of the underprivileged section of the society. DLF Foundation has taken a step ahead towards their belief of increasing awareness of the social responsibilities of the corporate sector. The Foundation believes in ‘Building India‘ from the grass roots by fostering innovative strategies in the fields of healthcare, education, talent nurturing, rural infrastructure development, environment sustainability and financial support for other social initiatives.”


The overall activities of the foundation are well rounded, innovative and socially responsible. They have made some realistic contributions in the field of education, health – both mental and physical and have taken major steps towards a cleaner society.


Source: NV1

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