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Does Goa Police Really Want Atala Back in Goa?

The Goa Police have been caught on the wrong foot once again vis-à-vis Yaniv Benaim alias Atala as it bungled the application seeking his transfer from Peru to Goa. It may be recalled that the Goa Police received a lot of flak for its failure to keep tracks on Atala as he managed to give them the slip and get away not only from Goa but even India after he was released on bail and despite the look out notices issued against him.
Atala hit the headlines and is of great interest as he is reported to have close links with Goa’s Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son Roy Naik. This disclosure was made by Atala’s ex-girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse when she posted a video clip of Atala bragging about his links with politicians.

Atala who fled from Goa to his home town in Israel was arrested by Peruvian authorities on 8th January following the look out notice issued by the police. The Goa Police approached the Ministry of External Affairs to get Atala back in Goa.
However, the police sought his “deportation” which complicated matters as “deportation” means sending the person to the country of origin, which in this case would mean Israel. When the Indian Embassy officials in Peru pointed out this problem which would result in a long drawn out process.
The Ministry of External Affairs then sought Atala’s extradition to Goa and this process began only on 3rd February. But even though this process has started after a good 27 days delay, the chances of Atala bring brought back to Goa appear bleak given the fact that India does not have an extradition treaty with Peru nor is Peru a signatory to the United Nations convention against illicit traffic in narcotics and psychotropic substances.

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