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Doklam stand-off an attempt to test India: MJ Akbar

Union Minister of State for External Affairs M J Akbar on Saturday said termed Doklam stand-off in 2017 as an attempt to test India and said that the way it was handled by the Indian government was significant.

Speaking at Saraswat Vidyalaya at Mapusa, he said, “(With) Doklam we showed this is not the India of 1962. Perhaps we were being tested, I can’t say. I cannot offer reasons why it happened because we certainly did not begin incursion. But certainly that message of steadfast courage, commitment to our national interest, a display of calm, courage by our defence forces, under the leadership of our Prime Minister, who had taken personal leadership of this issue and the most important, I think in many ways, was the fact that we went through the whole phase of Doklam in silence.”

The union minister that in spite of history of India and China, the two countries had decided to be mature nations which meant a lot.

“It means at least on our side, our attempt. We have differences of course. Our largest differences are on the borders with China. That differences must not become disputes and disputes must not become confrontations,” he said and expressed hope that most of the problems could be resolved through diplomatic channels.

Akbar also questioned critics of the stand-off and said that they (the critics) did not have knowledge, understanding or IQ sense of what the governance was all about.

“I wish that some of the people who seem to be talking.I seriously do not wish to use any harsh words because it may be inappropriate, but who clearly prove over and over again that they have no knowledge, no understanding, no IQ sense of what governance is all about,” he said, adding criticism of Doklam manifested inability of the critics to understand India.

“I wish they would not discuss Doklam. I wish they would not betray their own inability to understand our country and its values by words and thoughts that have either been fed into their mouth or perhaps are indeed an expression of some innate frigidity,” the union minister said.

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