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Don’t cry for me Bharat Mata

A mother is a mother whether to a child who loves her or a child that may have forgotten her.

A mother sees no difference between her children whether older or younger. A mother will love, nurture and care unconditionally.

India is our mother. Her children lovingly call her Bharat Mata.

Our mother does not see you as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh or Parsi or Jain or Buddhist. Your personal religion is not your identity in her eyes. Your acceptance as her a son and daughter is the only measure of oneness with her.

Having spent the growing up years of my life in the Middle East, I have learned that if I am respected or accepted it is because I am a child of the Bharat Mata. It is the identity that has been etched into my soul. I am an Indian and I am proud to be one.

When I read news articles or watch news on television about death of a young son of Bharat Mata like Chandan Gupta for singing Vande Mataram and shouting Bharat Mata Ki Jai. I am shocked and disturbed.

The curse on Bharat Mata like on any mother is that sometimes they have children who get influenced by external friends and deliberately forget the love of their mother. They opt for the caress, good word and goodies from outsiders not from their own mother. They forget her.

Today, Shouting out Bharat Mata Ki Jai is considered to be a taboo but accepting some communal elements to shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in our motherland is Freedom of Expression.

These self-claimed children of Bharat Mata are actually half-breeds and illegitimate children – the appropriate slang accepted in various English dictionaries is bastard. I have absolutely no qualms in calling such characters – bastards.

Today the life of the young Chandan Gupta has been snuffed out by a mob of haters of Bharat Mata because he chose to profess his love and admiration for Bharat Mata. And who was this young man – a student of commerce at a local college in UP, he was involved with a local non-profit organization doing social work. His parents told that media that he participated in activities like blanket distribution and blood donation drives. He did not deserve to be shot dead.

The haters of Bharat Mata are spinning a story that he had death coming to him because he walked through a Muslim dominated locality shouting slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and signing Vande Mataram while carrying the ‘Tiranga’ along with other men and boys who were participants of the ‘Tiranga Biker Rally’ organized by ABVP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

So what if he sang Vanda Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai in a Muslim locality that is not a crime in this country to warrant death. This is India and any son or daughter of Bharat Mata can sing Vande Mataram or shout out Bharat Mata Ki Jai in any corner, locality and street in this Nation.

If anyone has an issue with such a statement they should pack their bags and go where ever they feel like in this big wide world. If they chose to stay in India then they should learn to follow the rules of this country, because to the best of my knowledge there is no law stopping anyone from singing Vande Mataram or shouting out Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

In the country today there is a vicious attempt to pit the children of Bharat Mata against each other on the basis of religion and castes. The intent is to bleed everyone. These snakes do not care if you are Chandan Gupta or Imran Hussain or John Fernandes. Their intention is to get a Muslim to believe that Hindus are out to harm them, get the Hindus to believe that Muslims are out to get them, get the Christians to believe that Christian festivals and activities will be stopped by the so-called fringe. Get the Dalits to believe that the Brahmins want them to continue to be subservient. The plots for division by these haters of Bharat Mata are numerous. It is in this chaos that India will suffer. That is what enemies of Bharat Mata want. This not what Bharat Mata wants!

Imagine today if Chandan Gupta was another Akhlaq Khan or Rohit Vermula. There would been an aura of negativity created in the country, pitting the Muslims with the Christians against Hindus and pitting the Dalits against the Brahmins.

At the ground level in most corners of India at large nobody cares about our religious tags – Hindu, Muslim or Christian – they all live peacefully.

Being a Hindu does not give you the right to tell a Muslim that India does not belong to him and he should go to Pakistan because that’s what our political leaders of the past decided to do. Being a Muslim does not mean that you keeping acting like the minority and assume that the Hindus are out to threaten you and cry victim at every opportunity. Being a Christian does not mean you have the permission to allow Evangelists coming from other nations to spread Christianity in India because the West is rejecting the religion and then cry wolf when stopped.
The truth of the matter is whether we accept it or not our roots are Vedic. If we chose to see it without our glasses of religion, we will see that we are all children of Bharat Mata and the important aspect of it all is that we are all humans.

India belongs to those who proudly say that they are children of Bharat Mata and sing Vande Mataram with intent and not force.

Just like you can never choose your mother in your life, you can never choose your motherland. Open your eyes and see Bharat Mata is crying for a Chandan Gupta as she is for an Akhlaq Khan. It is up to us rational thinking children to see through this great game, be alert and believe in each other, believe in the Spirit of India within us.

Jai Hind!
Vande Mataram!
Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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