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Don’t make the job aspirants political victims: Congress Youth President

Sending out an appeal to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on the fifth day of the indefinite strike of the alleged job scam victims, Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) president, Pratima Coutinho stated that the BJP-government to settle political scores with the Congress is unnecessarily playing dirty politics with the future of the youth of the state, who have legally got their jobs during the Congress regime.

“Don’t make them political victims is my appeal to the Chief Minister. The youth are not only Congress supporters but also BJP supporters, it is important for the government to recognise this and find an amicable solution to this tense situation. With no response from the government, I am afraid that the youth might end up taking drastic steps and even resort to a fast until death,” expressed Coutinho.

The GPYC has been lending full support to this agitation of the youth who have been denied their government jobs. However, senior Congress leaders have stayed away from lending support to this agitation. “These are the youth of Goa and I have to support them. I pray that the senior Congress leaders also come out in support.”

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