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Don’t put a Cape over Rape!

The gang-rape incident that happened in Delhi last Sunday on a 23-year old girl in a moving bus has sent the nation on vengeance drive.  No amount of words can be used to describe the thoughts or emotions going on in the mind of the innocent girl, her family and friends. It is indeed heart-warming that today the young of India – men and women alike – are willing to take the fight to politicians, police, criminals and rapists who think that they have the power to get away with rape because quite frankly the law-makers of our country have not yet found it important to make stricter laws against the crime of rape.

Rape besides being a physical assault, is more an inhumane attack on the mind of the women or child (a growing concern across the country). It is stigma (though sometimes) appears to be forgotten outwardly by some victims in order to move on in life, the demons within rarely calm down.

The heinous nature of the crime is appalling, only a creature (not a human) can push an iron-rod into sexual organ of young girl after the gang repeatedly raped her in a moving bus, completely injuring her for no apparent reason but sheer show of power to subjugate another person, a common reason why rapes happen. Rape is not a crime of lust but of power.

The nature of the crime is so shocking; it raises a question whether men and women are safe across the country. You must not forget that this young girl was with a male-friend travelling together on the bus, when this incident took place and he was first overpowered, beaten with an iron-rod and thrown out of the bus, before the gang of creatures decided to rape the innocent girl.

Rape is a stigma of society. To me it is even worse than murder. For a simple reason is that murder happens one time and the families live with the sorrow; in a rape, the victim and families continue to live with both the horror and sorrow.

The justice system in India is skewered to always favor the powerful.  Since the burden of the trail, victimization and social taboo is made to be more on the victim and not the rapists. Therefore, in most cases, complaints are not registered or cases do not reach a logical judicial conclusion. And that is where our society is wrong.

Someone who is raped is in the true sense a victim of a sick and diabolical mind, it is not a crime committed by the victim. The society must extend its support unconditionally to the victim, so that more cases come out in the open and stricter laws are framed to punish the culprit. But instead we continue to hear how rapists get away with light sentences and more rapes continue because our laws are not strict enough and people don’t condemn the rapists in the manner in which they should.

Politicians and police will sit on their chairs and consider this issue as just another rape. Simply because it has not happened to some in their relative circle; if they were truly concerned as seen in the media the last few days, then why has an important bill against such crimes been kept pending since 2006, even as early as December 4 in this Parliamentary Session, no politician found it necessary to take this bill seriously.

Though I am a law abiding citizen and often believe that justice must be served. If this incident happened to someone that I knew and felt strongly about; my initial reaction would be to give that victim all the necessary support to regain one’s spirit and health. I would take it upon myself that justice is served in the manner that the crime was done. If the Court of Law allows then I will accept and if the Court of Law chooses to pussyfoot around it, like it does in numerous cases, then there is Court of the People.

The six rapists must be made an example by the government of this country. It must send out a message to all, that such crimes in the country will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Our children – boys and girls – are our future. Do we want them living in their own country in fear of inhumane creatures. But I don’t have much faith in the government at the Centre, it is same government who spent over Rs 50 crores on a terrorist to keep him alive and recently hanged him.  So the people must continue to agitate and force the government to act. Since this issue is more important than even corruption, it involves the dignity of a woman and women across the country.

The girl must be given justice. She must be protected. And many like her. It is better to prevent a crime than detect a crime. Unfortunately, in India prevention is a far away scenario and detection is in shambles, because every investigating agency is always passing the buck and finding the loop holes to ensure the powerful go scot-free.

It is time to first ensure this innocent girl gets justice, it is time to clamp-down and make examples of child molesters and rapists, even the one’s done by our armed forces in different parts of the country (especially in the North-East) in the name of national security. We need stricter laws, fast-track courts but most importantly we need an example made to drive fear in the hearts of such creatures who think it is their birthright to molest women and young children.

If the government cannot give us answers hand the culprits to the people especially the women, I am sure they will ensure that the six rapists learn a lesson….

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