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Dr Hubert Decided To Withdraw

Dr Hubert Gomes who had announced his candidature from Benaulim constituency at the next elections, on Saturday said he had since done a re-think and would not contest the elections as people from Benaulim are not bothered about issues facing the State.
Expressing regret over the very thin attendance for the protest meet against corruption and Dum Maro Dum he had called for on Saturday, he said the people of Benaulim had become mercenary and were only bothered about money.

“I have a vision for Benaulim and thought I would bring about a change in the political system by being different,” he said and regretted that what he was told about the electorate from Benaulim by various people was proving to be true.
“I visited nearly 90 per cent of the houses in the constituency and unfortunately, my experience is that people expect money including those coming from decent families,” he said revealing that many “decent” people asked for a loan to help them, but never returned the money.
Asserting that money was not an issue, he said he did not want to follow the same path followed by others who distributed money to the voters and was interested in raising genuine issues affecting the people. “However that is not working and unless there is a people’s movement to support my candidature, I hereby announce my decision to withdraw from the electoral politics,” he said.
Incidentally, only around 15 persons were present for the meeting and while the meeting was going on there were two youngsters busy playing table tennis and three preferred to use the gym equipment while two ladies were exercising on the cycles.

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