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Draft Land Acquisition Policy Unveiled

The State Law Commission on Monday presented the draft land acquisition policy to the government recommended better rates to the land losers and also a rehabilitation and re-settlement package with regards to acquisition of huge tracts for projects like industrial estates or airports.
Law Commission Chairman, Ramakant Khalap opined that if the government accepts the report, there will be no scope for people to protest against land acquisitions in future and added that Goa will be spared of agitations like those currently on in Uttar Pradesh at Noida, Agra and other places.

The draft policy recommends that the land acquisition prices should not be below the minimum rate notified by the government and further recommends that farmers who lose land should be paid annuity over a considerable period of time.
The Commission has recommended amendment to Section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act to empower the Collector to determine the compensation and package of benefit under the rehabilitation and resettlement policy which also needs to be reviewed time and again.
The report also recommends publishing the minimum market price of lands all over the state every year, preferably by 31st December and the rates published will be binding upon the Collectors while determining the compensation.
Incidentally, the two collectors have prepared a table of minimum rates of different lands in different parts of the State.

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