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Drama of Resignation

Churchill Alemao never expected that the power-play he tried to use to ensure smooth sailing of his daughter in the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress would back-fire and get his daughter disqualified. It came as a shock to him and in his shock state he decided to do what comes naturally to him shoot himself in the foot.

He resorted to his traditional threats of resignation which sent the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in a tizzy for fear of his Congress-led government being toppled. Unable to tame or contain the situation here in Goa, he decided to take the matter to the Congress High Command in the hope some formula could be worked out to pacify the Alemaos, either by revoking the disqualification notice or by postponing the GPYC elections. Neither of the plans worked, as India Youth Congress President refused to pay heed to any demands and neither was Sonia Gandhi the All India Congress Committee President keen to entertain the Alemaos tantrums. In fact Churchill Alemao has been trying to meet with AICC President for the last eight months but is not been given an appointment. So both Digambar Kamat and the Alemaos had to return empty handed.

On their return to save face they started speaking to the media saying that the High Command has assured both Valanka Alemao and Yuri Alemao a Congress ticket in the forthcoming Goa assembly elections. But this too proved false because when GoaChronicle.com spoke to Jagmeet Brar, Goa In-Charge, AICC he clearly stated that no such promise of party ticket was made.

The good part in all this drama is that most ministers and MLAs of Congress did not come out in support of the Alemaos as they normally would do. In fact Deputy Speaker spoke to the media saying such acts of resignations give a bad name to the party and that the High Command must take serious note of it. It also gave BJP an opportunity to poke fun at the Congress party, Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar took the liberty of calling the Congress ministers including the Chief Minister ‘a bunch of jokers’ in a media interview on a local television channel.

In his arrogance to prove to all that the Alemaos are a force to reckon with, he severed ties with long time political ally and the man considered to be the brains behind getting most Congress ministers out of trouble Vijai Sardesai. So much so that a few days back a Churchill propped up candidate decided to put an advertisement in the local newspaper throwing an open challenge to Vijai Sardesai to compete in the Fatorda constituency in the forthcoming assembly elections. Not to be out-done by the Alemao show of arrogance and challenge, Vijai Sardesai decided to put an advertisement in the local papers and poked fun at minister known to be ATM minister – a dig at Any Time Money (a statement made by Mickky Pacheco in media when the Alemaos put in their resignations) – courtesy of his coffers on account of the PWD ministry.

The fight between Churchill Alemao and Vijai Sardesai has now been openly declared and with Pratima Coutinho winning the President post in the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress elections; the battle has moved to stage two as Pratima was strongly supported by Vijai Sardesai. And to many in the political circles this will be a deciding factor for the Congress party in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Many have been asking us about the video exposing the corruption of the PWD Minister and his daughter. And we assure our readers that we will release the same shortly. However we wanted to do it the right way and not become a victim of typical media excitement which is release the video, get fantastic reviews and then find out that nothing corrective is done, we want to ensure that this corrupt practice comes to an end. So we have sent the video to a lab for authentication of images and voices samples, pre-empting the route that could be taken to say its fake. We also forwarded the copy to the intelligence agencies at the Centre with our report from our investigations with over 30 PWD contractors and details of the important notification which was changed by the PWD minister days after he become the minister, which allows for such a scam to fall in place. We are confident that something will be done just as our NHRC effort on the Caurem mining and now the probe that has been called for by the Ministry of Defence on the Dabolim Airport Expansion land acquisition scam.

GoaChronicle.com efforts has been to ensure that a corrective measure is put in place and corrupt people are booked. Our kind of journalism has not been liked by many in the political circles but it is in the interest of Goa. And whether some politicians in the eye of the storm chose to send people to find my house and office to teach me and my team a lesson and later back-out after a call from some friends in higher places to behave; we will continue in our efforts.

– Savio Rodrigues
  Founder & Editor

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