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Dramapur-Sirlim Gram Sabha Adjourned

The Dramapur-Sirlim Gram Sabha on Sunday was adjourned following uproarious scenes with villagers seeking to discuss the issue of a pancha member collecting protection money from vendors and the Sarpanch disallowing this discussion.
As soon as the meeting commenced, the Sarpanch Seby Pereira was questioned on why he did not convene the special gram Sabha meeting as requisitioned to discuss a CD purportedly showing a pancha member demanding protection money from a road side vendor.

However, the Sarpanch retorted that the reason was not valid to convene a special Gram Sabha as the CD could be handed over to any investigating agency for a probe.
Even as some other villagers tried to take the panchayat to task for not taxing all the hoardings in the village, one of the villagers brought the road side vendor selling two wheeler seat covers for the meeting apparently to testify against the panchayat member who was collecting money from him.
However, the Sarpanch refused to allow the vendor to speak at the meeting on grounds that since he was not a member of the Gram Sabha, he had no right to speak at it.
This resulted in uproarious scenes with the villagers accusing the panchayat of corruption and as bedlam reigned, the Sarpanch adjourned the meeting.

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