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DRDO develops disinfection unit “Ultra Swachh” to disinfect a wide range of materials

Balasore: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a disinfection unit named Ultra Swachh to disinfect a wide range of materials, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), electronics items and fabrics .

Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), the Delhi based laboratory of DRDO, has developed the product with industry partner M/s Gel Craft Healthcare Private Ltd, Ghaziabad, DRDO sources said here today.

The system uses an advanced oxidative process comprising of multiple barrier disruption approach using Ozonated Space Technology for disinfection.

The system is double layered with specialised Ozone sealant technology assuring trapping of ozone for the necessary disinfection cycle.

It also has catalytic converter to ensure environment friendly exhaust i.e. only oxygen and water. The system is in compliance with International Standards of Industrial, Occupational, Personal and Environmental Safety.
The Ultra Swachh comes in two variants namely Ozonated Space and Trinetra Technology. Trinetra technology is the combination of Ozonated space and radical dispenser, it added .

Treatment is optimised with automation for quick disinfection cycle. The system operates on 15 Ampere, 220 Volts, 50 Hertz power supply.

The system has been provided with various safety features such as emergency shutdown, door interlocks, dual door, delay cycle, and leak monitors, etc to ensure safe operations for longer duration.

Dimensions of the Industrial Cabinet are 7’x4’x3.25’ to disinfect large quantity at a time. Cabinets of different sizes will be available for the industry, a DRDO release said.

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