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Drug abuse in India

Drug abuse has become a major challenge in today’s time. A large section of the youth is in its grip. People are spoiling their lives by consuming drugs like cocaine, heroin, opium, marijuana, alcohol, brown sugar, hashish, cannabis.

These substances cause intoxication for some time where the person has a pleasant feeling, but as soon as the drug ends the person wants to take it again. Today, almost every adolescent mind considers its good fortune to breathe under its shadow. There are some reasons, which seem to be real and natural, such as – due to the constant sorrow, depression, pain, and confusion, getting upset and helpless, the drug is consumed for peace of mind.

There are also some reasons that seem unnatural and inconsistent, such as hobbies and getting into addiction by copying someone. Whatever the reason, it is not possible to get any kind of welfare or peace facility or any kind of stability of mind. After this, neither after a while, poverty, despair, stress, unemployment, inferiority complex, frustration, lack, depression, fear, distraction. There can be no more benefit from this, but these thorns of life will become increasingly harsh and penetrate rapidly.

One of the main reasons for consuming alcoholic substances is also the inequality of the society. Not everyone is equal in society. Wealth, poverty and literacy, and illiteracy, the country is diverse. On the other hand, the rich and affluent class exploit lower and disadvantaged people in a new way. They force the poor and dejected unhappy, indebted people to consume drugs by putting them in a circle of stress and depression. Drug abuse or drug addiction is a psychiatric, social, and psychological problem that affects not only young people around the world but also people of different ages. It destroys individuals and society in many areas, the main ones being social, physical, cultural, emotional, and economic. Pervasive disorders such as fear of drugs, nervousness and insecurity are created on the brain to survive. There are certain drugs like nicotine, cocaine, caffeine, heroine, morphine, cannabis, meth etc. which stimulate an enhanced alertness and reaction. Addiction of such drugs lead to severe loss of appetite and weight, constipation, increased anxiety and irritability, sleepiness, and loss of functioning. There are many other substances that do not accelerate the brain process and slow it down and make the nervous system sluggish. The result is that they must take pain relieving medicines and sleeping medicines.

Drug abuse and illegal trafficking continue to have profound negative effects on development and stability worldwide. Billions of dollars generated from illegal drugs fuel terrorist activities and prevent human trafficking and other crimes such as weapons and people trafficking. Illegal drugs and related criminal networks under the rule of law. And the disasters with which they go about their business are extremely fearful and cause confusion with governance at all levels.

The most frightening factors are rapid industrialization and urbanization, which have given rise to a new kind of behavior among today’s youth, namely individualism and permissiveness. People these days prefer nuclear families and, in many cases, both parents are working, because of which they are less intrusive than their previous generations. People are living their lives in isolation and avoid being social because in modern times the stress has become too much to take back the figures in their personal lives. It is an obvious fact that drug addiction is completely ruining the path of progress for many individuals and our nation to take proactive steps to keep an eye on this destructive habit of our youth. The most important step in this direction is to spread awareness among the people at the national level. The Indian government has prepared various campaigns and is even able to achieve success in this direction. Individuals whose family and friends are suffering from drug addiction should visit rehabilitation institutes and camps for treatment of drug addiction.

Drug abuse should not be tolerated and should be banned outright as a prohibition. However, it is not advisable for this habit to torture or demean the addict because if one tries to convince the person about their treatment, they may opt for it voluntarily and themselves can get rid of this addiction. A person who has become a victim of substance abuse is forced intoxicated by his physical conditions, but soon he realizes the bad effects of this habit. All these people need help and therefore one should provide these people with support, along with encouraging them to return to their normal lives and lead healthy lives.

Massive social awakening is necessary to prevent misconduct of substance abuse. This personal connection can be implemented with greater success by various types of advertisements including AIR, Doordarshan and newspapers. The biggest issue with such social issues is that the victim is not confident of going to a health care center. Organizing such incidents benefits such victims and helps them to get out of this danger and accept its importance. Along with this, the misconduct of substance abuse can also be prevented by poetic seminars, drama gathering conferences and awareness camps.






An Article by Saakshi Mayank
Intern, Goa Chronicle

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