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Drug Dealer-Police Nexus Further Established

The belief that there was a drug dealer-police nexus if further confirmed with revelations that the person who stood surety for missing drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, was a regular panch witness for Goa Police.
According to reports in the media, Prakash Metri who stood surety for Atala, the alleged Israeli drug lord who went missing after he was released on conditional bail, was a panch witness for different cases registered by the police at different police stations.
In May 2001 Metric was a panch witness for an attempt to murder case registered at the Panjim Police tation. Two months later, in July 2001, he was a panch witness in a car

 stereo theft case registered at Old Goa Police Station. In November the same year, he was once again a panch witness for a recovery panchanama at the Old Goa Police Station. Then in July 2003, he was a panch witness in a rape case at the Agassaim police station.
That a person having such close contacts with the police established by the fact that he was a regular panch witness, stood surety for a drug dealer in a highly sensitive case, has raised eyebrows strengthening the suspicion that everything was actually a ‘set-up’.
The government has refused the persistent demand of the Opposition and some ruling MLAs to hand over the investigations in the drug dealer-police nexus case to the CBI. With the latest revelation, the charge that police will not pursue the investigation with the zeal appears likely.

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