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Drug Menace in India

As the second largest country based on population, India is bound to have problems cropping up all across its vast territorial expanse. But how does a nation with roughly a population of 13.8 billion people deal with social evils which have gained a stronghold all over the country and does not even attract the attention of the mainstream media until something ‘big’ or sensational happens?

One of the gravest issues India faces today is the ever-expanding drug syndicate. The nexus being so deep seated into the social fabric of the nation that an average school or college student has direct access to drugs like marijuana, opium, cannabis, etc. Everything seems to be hunky dory on the face of it, but drug abuse has reached the grass root levels of our society- the villages.

When one talks of the drug syndicate at play in the rural areas, the thought of Punjab crops up at a jiffy. On the one hand, the state is known for its rich cultural heritage and prosperity due to extensive farming, the green fields and gaily enjoying people. On the other, Punjab is equally infamous for the deep-rooted narcotics abuse. A vast number of people indulge in drug consumption not only in the cities and towns but in the villages as well. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has access to drugs like opium, marijuana, cannabis, and even high intensity narcotics like smack, MDMA and ecstasy. The people of Punjab kick start their days with cannabis and tea!

Another hub of this syndicate is none other than the national capital state, Delhi. At the capital, it is a cakewalk for a college student to find a drug peddler but the same is difficult for a policeman to be caught red handed. Drugs have become the new cool and the majority of the students who seem to be absolutely normal at first are a part of this nexus, either as consumers or suppliers. Marijuana is the most common of all along with cannabis.

Renowned across the globe for the venerated Khwaja Moinuddin’s Dargah, Ajmer city, situated at Rajasthan is known to be a peaceful city at large. Umpteen numbers of pilgrims visit the city each year. Unfortunately, under the garb of this pilgrimage is the vicious drug nexus at play. The area around the historically revered monument is filled with normal looking people who are not only illegal infiltrators from the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh but are drug users, suppliers and peddlers. This syndicate has gained strong ground across the city and at areas nearby. According to reports, Ajmer has the second highest number of kids who have succumbed to drug addiction but another flabbergasting fact states that there’s not a single de-addiction center at Ajmer which could have assisted these kids to get rid of their perilous addiction!

Next to Ajmer, lies another tourist spot which is visited by people from different nations is Pushkar. This small town boasts of its cultural heritage and the annual cattle fair which attracts thousands of tourists, scholars, and explorers each year. It is well known for the existence of the only Brahma temple in the whole world. Nonetheless, the development of a hippie culture and too many foreign nationals staying here all round the year has turned this sacred town into another infamous hub of narcotics, its supply and consumption. Young people have turned to becoming drug peddlers due to a lack of job opportunities and peddle drugs around the town. Many tourists have reported their experiences wherein young peddlers came up to them and asked as to what exactly did they want? After enquiring deeper into the matter, the bemused tourists came to understand that they were being asked about their need of drugs! Narcotics like marijuana, cannabis, MDMA, ecstasy and many other varieties pave way into Lord Brahma’s town.

A conspicuous fact related to drugs is that not only the national capital but the financial capital of the country, Mumbai is equally, rather more of a victim of this syndicate which is rattling the Indian society on the whole. This ‘city of dreams’ shatters not only dreams but also snatches away people’s precious lives due to the large availability of narcotics, which is undoubtedly backed by the underworld mafia. From Bollywood to the streets of Dharavi or Palghar, drugs have made inroads into the whole of Mumbai.

It’s a categorical fact that Goa tops the charts of drug menace in the country. The largest numbers of kids consuming drugs are from Goa and the tourists can easily get hold of smack or weed right at the beaches of this paradise!

The places mentioned above are just mere examples. Reports suggest that suicides due to drug abuse and alcohol addiction have more than doubled in the last decade. And the majority of them were committed outside the urban areas and ‘megacities’. As far as the drug syndicate is concerned, it is definitely backed by the mafia, underworld and bodies associated to terrorist organizations and this cannot work at this scale without the police personnel being hand in glove with the suppliers. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be giving two hoots about the perilous circumstances in which the Indian youth is.

Over the last few months, the central agency liable for drug control in the country, the NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU has shown its mettle by busting different drug trails across the country, especially Mumbai. But this is clearly not enough. Not only the NCB, but the local police too need to take on the evil of drugs. Also, the citizens have to be vigilant and keep an eagle eye around them. It’s the need of the hour that India doesn’t take this lying down. We as the citizens of this country need to join hands in this battle against narcotics and get rid of the menace once and for all.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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