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Drug Scene In Goa Insignificant: DGP

Director General of Police Bhim Sain Bassi who has been transferred to Delhi, said the drug scene in Goa is insignificant even though drug trade has been hogging headlines for the last year with a record number of seizures by the Anti Narcotic Cell of Goa police and a nexus between the police and drug dealers being exposed in two different instances.

While arguing that drug trade is bound to exist at tourist destinations, he however said the Goa Police have zero tolerance for drug trade and argued that the record number of seizures proves this point.
He expressed confidence that the Central Bureau of Investigations probe into the three narcotic cases handed over to it will only vindicate the Goa Police investigations.
He however refused to comment on Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala’s escape from Goa while he was out on bail and also refused to comment on the charges that Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son is involved in the drug trade in Goa.

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