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Drugs in Goa: ANC Arrests Proves Home Minister Wrong

In the first two weeks of January 2011, barely a few days after the Home Minister went on record to categorically deny the existence of the drug trade in Goa, the Anti Narcotics Cell, Goa have arrested four drug peddlers one Australian, two Israelis and one Indian a shack owner from Anjuna; and over 10 lakh worth of Cocaine and LSD tablets.
The Australian drug peddler was arrested with 3 lakh worth of LSD tablets at the Anjuna Beach on January 1 in the wee hours of New Year morning at a beach party. In the following the ANC had arrested two Israelis with cocaine and LSD.

Over the next couple of days Sadanand Chipmaker – shack owner from Anjuna Beach was arrested in a raid conducted by ANC with over 4 lakh worth of cocaine, LSD, ecstasy tablets and MDMA powder.
In fact sources in ANC Mumbai have revealed exclusively to that they had informed the Goa ANC about the expected increase in supply of drugs in Goa from the drug mafia owing to festive celebrations and tourist season and curb of drugs supply in Mumbai under taken by the ANC-Mumbai, hence Goa was the most sort after target for the supply of drugs to the party scene.
However, the above arrest by the Anti-Narcotics Cell have once again highlighted the fact that the Home Minister is lying and this time it’s the very own tainted police-force that has opened up the truth.

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