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Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa – Missing in Goa or in Dubai?

Sheikha Latifa – daughter of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been reported missing in a boat of the Indian coast near Goa by certain section of the international mainstream media.

However, questions are being raised that if Sheikha Latifa is indeed missing as per claims of the organisation Detained in Dubai, then it would be impossible for Sheikha Latifa to be present at the Dubai Media camp on March 14th.

Local media in Dubai have reported that Sheikha Latifa attended to event with her father Sheikh Mohammad and even spoke at the Dubai Media camp event, “The Dubai Media Camp generated fresh perspectives on Dubai’s achievements that will enrich media narratives about the emirate’s unique growth experience.The Camp has sparked new ideas about how the media can cover the Dubai experience more comprehensively and authentically, and how Dubai’s leaders can tell even more engaging stories about the city’s journey,” Sheikha Latifa opined.

The reportage of the princess missing is linked to a video that appeared on social media sites released by a lawyer who claims to be representing Sheikha Latifa – the alleged woman in the video. In the video, the woman reveals her shocking ordeals and including fear of death to her life for coming out and speaking the truth of the evils in Dubai.

Post the video, media has been reporting that Sheikha Latifa had last sent frantic WhatsApp messages on Sunday, March 4, around 4.30 pm, alleging that she and her American friend Herve Jaubert were “surrounded by men” who were firing at them. She was believed to be messaging from a US-registered boat that was last reported to be 50 miles from the Indian coastline near Goa.

UK-based agency “Detained in Dubai” has sent a missing report to agencies in the US, UK and India, but they say that they have not heard anything from India.

The story began on February 26, when Latifa contacted Detained in Dubai, a legal firm working for those with problems in the UAE. In an email to the company, she claimed she had been tortured and wanted help.

Radha Stirling, who works with Detained in Dubai, told media that the group was initially cautious and tried to verify her identity. “The email ID was confirmed by her friend and mutual contacts including a solicitor in Britain,” she said.

Latifa said she had escaped from Dubai, where she had been tortured and imprisoned for supporting a sibling who had also run away.

Herve Jaubert, a US-based French author who helped in the escape, told Detained in Dubai that they planned to fly to the US on March 5 from India but were unsure of how Indian authorities would welcome them.

The company believes the two escaped by boat. “Both were concerned that the Indian authorities would simply notify the UAE of their whereabouts and turn them in immediately,” said Stirling.

But the couple didn’t have much choice as they were low on fuel.

The situation quickly went out of control on Sunday when Stirling received messages from Latifa. “She said ‘Radha, please help me, there are men outside’ and she said she heard gunshots.” As Stirling asked her to record it, the princess never texted her back.

When Detained in Dubai got in touch with Latifa’s US-based lawyer on Tuesday, he released a video statement by her, as was instructed in case of her death or disappearance. The video shows her talking about her mistreatment by her father, the Prime Minister.

She says in the video, “Pretty soon I am going to be leaving somehow. I am not sure of the outcome but I am 99 per cent sure it will work. This video will save my life,” says Latifa, talking about going to the US. “I am looking forward to waking up and thinking I have the freedom to do anything I want to…”

The organisation has tipped off all countries about the missing pair.

India hasn’t officially responded, but intelligence agencies known to are aware of the case and are currently verifying the truth of the video.

( has shared the link of the video that surfaced a few days ago. We do not confirm or verify the truth about the video or the person in the video who claims to be Sheikha Latifa.)


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