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Dudu Used Human Couriers: ANC

David Driham alias Dudu whose sister Ayala carried out the sting operation to prove that Goa Police are not only peddling drugs but also abusing their position to frame innocent people, was using human couriers to get drugs into Goa asserted the police.
The Anti-Narcotic Cell of Goa Police in its charge sheet against Dudu said  that he used human couriers, mostly Nepali youth, to get drugs from that country and Manali into Goa while Nigerians were used to bring in drugs from South America and Nigeria.
While charas and ganja was brought in from Nepal and Manali, synthetic drugs like cocaine, ecstasy tables, LSD and heroin were brought in from Nigeria and South America.

The couriers used to tightly pack the drugs in plastic and then stuff them in a condom and swallow the package in order to escape the body and luggage searches.
In fact, police have accused Dudu of continuing his trade even after his arrest by using a mobile phone to connect to the internet through facebook to keep in touch with his contacts. The mobile was subsequently seized from him by the jail authorities of Sada where he is housed and is now lying with the ANC.
One Tukaram Salgaonkar, was arrested by the Mumbai police for carrying drugs and the youngster who was used as a human courier by Dudu continues to languish in the Mumbai jails.
Dudu was also arrested following Salgaonkar’s interrogation and was released after serving five months imprisonment in Mumbai.

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