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Dudu’s Sister Gave Tapes To Ravi Naik

Ayala Driham, Dudu’s sister who carried out the sting operation against Police Sub Inspector Sunil Gudlar revealed that she had provided copies of the tape to Home Minister Ravi Naik before releasing them to the media.
While asserting that her brother Dudu was falsely implicated in drug cases she said she volunteered for the sting operation just to prove the wrongdoings of the Goa Police.
In a statement given to the police, Ayala said that she had provided all the three tapes to Ravi Naik before leaking them to the media in a hope that the Home Minister would initiate some action. However, as there was no action forthcoming, she gave the tapes to media persons.

Ayala has released three tapes of the sting operation wherein in the first Gudlar is seen passing some brown substance in a polythene bag to a person. According to Ayala the brown substance was charas and it was given to her and that she in turn handed it over to Dudu’s girlfriend Zarina who was also part of the sting operation.
In the second tape, Gudlar is seen boasting about money making things easy for those arrested in drug cases and even accused his senior officers of accepting bribes.
In the third case, Gudlar threatened Dudu’s landlord that he would book him in drug cases by planting drugs on him.
Police are caught in a dilemma as Ayala has clearly stated that the tapes were handed over to Ravi Naik.
Ravi Naik has been under a cloud as it has been alleged that his son Roy has close links with drug dealers in Goa. In fact, Atala, the drug dealer from Israel who jumped bail boasted of being very close to Roy.
Ravi Naik had dismissed the allegation on grounds that Atala’s ex-girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse who had uploaded a video of Atala boasting about his close ties with politicians on a social networking site, had not given any statement to the police.
However, he would find it difficult to wriggle out of the present situation as the video clippings were handed over to him and he did not initiate any action against the erring officer from the department under him.

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