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Dudu’s Sister Is the Sting Operator

The sting operation wherein PSI Sunil Gudlar was captured on camera not only selling drugs to two foreigners but also accusing his senior officer of taking bribes was carried out by none other than David Driham alias Dudu’s sister, according to reports in the local media.
Ayala Driham, Dudu’s sister carried out the sting operation to collect evidence against the police who she says implicated her innocent brother and got him incarcerated.
Besides selling drugs and stating that they all accept bribes, Gudlar was also caught on camera threatening to frame one person in a drug case by planting narcotics on him and it is this particular act of bravado that is sought to be used to prove that the police framed Dudu.

Ayala alleged that Gudlar asked the bribe on behalf of his senior officer Superintendent of Police Veenu Bansal. In a statement given to the Crime Branch, she is reported to have alleged that police had asked for money in order to release Dudu and further alleged that Dudu was not kept in a police lock up but in a room next to Bansal’s office.
She is reported to have submitted three tapes to the Crime Branch to prove her allegations.


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